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Seru's Own Words


“My upbringing was more ‘living to survive’ until I had the opportunity to play rugby, the only sport in Fiji that does not need more than an empty space to play the game. Once you got that space, all you need is a coconut or bottle to start the game. The sport saved my life and I was able to play it to the highest level in Fiji earning myself a lifetime opportunity to go and further my studies in Otago, New Zealand. Even though I found some great rewards from playing rugby, it won't change my village as much. Luckily enough, through playing rugby as a professional for nearly 16 years, I was able to help out with my local community to:

  • Refurbish and upgrade our village hall

  • Build new walkways around the village

  • Upgrade the village sports ground

  • Help unfortunate kids with school fees and school needs


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To continue with Seru’s contributions to his village, a Fundraiser was held on March 2015 in Hong Kong to build a kindergarten in Seru’s home village as the closest was over 1 hour on foot. The Ministry of Education in Fiji supported the initiative and his partner Susan worked alongside the Ministry to complete Seru’s dream project.


Further to Seru’s passing, the Discovery Bay Pirates in Hong Kong where Seru was Head Coach/Player 2014-15, set up the Seru Rabeni organisation with the key objective:

  • To continue the advancement of Education in Seru’s home village, Nasolo, Nadi, Bua on the island of Vanua Levu started by Seru in 2009.  The Kindergarten is now complete further to the opening of the Seru Rabeni Memorial Kindergarten on 6th August 2018, donated by the Seru Rabeni organisation with the support of the Fiji Ministry of Education.


All work at the Seru Rabeni organisation is voluntary. No salaries or management fees are charged with all monies collected used for the above cause with the exception of website and necessary business fees. 

Pictures before and after: Before pictures show the old Village Hall where the Kindergarten classes took place when the Hall was available before the Seru Rabeni Memorial Kindergarten was built in 2018. The new pictures show the Seru Rabeni Memorial Kindergarten that overlooks the rugby pitch where Seru learned to play rugby.

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